NC Log Cabin Vacation Rental with Private Waterfall and Streams

Your Brooksong North Carolina log cabin has a private waterfall located just steps away from the cabin.  This secluded mountain log cabin is nestled in a serene environment where the water never stops falling.  The waterfall is about three stories high and can be enjoyed from a  wonderful sitting area above the waterway. It's a short 50 yard walk from the cabin.   A simple treasure - private and soothing.


The stream flowing from the waterfall turns to meet a second stream at the base of the garden.  While sitting on the deck, or lying on the hammock, all you hear is the sound of the streams and waterfall!  Where two streams meet and become one, is a rock foot path leading to the peninsula between the streams.  There one will find our cabin swing!  For those adventurous look for the rock tunnel carved by water over thousands of years.  Discover the red or black salamanders, crawdads, and baby speckled brook trout.


Take a walk around Brooksong - we make it easy with our photo tour below.  This photo is of Michael who is 6'1" to give you an idea of the size of the waterfall.  Many cabins advertise waterfalls... but not like this one.


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